I am a third year graduate student in Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley where I am co-advised by Moritz Hardt and Peter Bartlett. Before coming to Berkeley, I did my undergrad in CS and Math at Harvard where I was lucky to work with Yaron Singer.

Researchwise, I'm interested in the theory behind machine learning and understanding ways of making current algorithms more reliable for real world applications. More generally, my research lies somewhere around learning theory, statistics, optimization, and game theory. I am supported by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

Before becoming interested in research, I was part of the Puerto Rican national team in sailing. I won the island's first gold medal at the 2013 Youth World Championships and represented Puerto Rico at the 2015 Pan American Games. Also, I was fortunate to be a part of Emirates Team New Zealand's winning campaign for the 35th America's Cup.

I sit in 537 Soda Hall. You can email me at jcperdomo at berkeley dot edu