Towards a Dimension-Free Understanding of Adaptive Linear Control - preprint
JCP, Max Simchowitz, Alekh Agarwal, Peter Bartlett

Outside the Echo Chamber: Optimizing the Performative Risk - preprint
John Miller*, JCP*, Tijana Zrnic*

Stochastic Optimization for Performative Prediction - Neurips 2020
Celestine Mendler-Dunner*, JCP*, Tijana Zrnic* , and Moritz Hardt

Performative Prediction - ICML 2020
JCP*, Tijana Zrnic*, Celestine Mendler-Dunner, and Moritz Hardt

Robust Attacks against Multiple Classifiers - manuscript, 2019
JCP, Yaron Singer

Universal Noise Models in Machine Learning - undergraduate thesis, awarded the Thomas J. Hoopes Prize